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XD1150 Ride-on Scrubber ( Triple-brush )

XD1150 Ride-on Scrubber ( Triple-brush )

HT - 105 driving type washing machine series provide extremely high stability and durability, suitable for all types of ground cleaning tasks. Can cooperate with different brushes, can meet the needs of different types of ground cleaning.

HT - 105 driving type washing machine designed for large commercial ground cleaning: such as shopping center, airport terminal; Also suitable for industry: such as large logistics warehouse, production workshop use.

Product features:

- double brush plate design, work efficiency is more high

- long running time, running time up to 6 hours

- a key type control, built-in three working mode automatically, can meet the needs of all the ground clean.

- a large sewage tank, can be cleaning up 3800-3800 square ground at a time.

- intelligent water induction system, fully protect the brush plate and suction system


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